The best of real experiences and creative collectibles.

Imagine having the chance to win once in a lifetime experiences through the purchase of a NFT
Get ready for a unique experience
White paper
NFT Experience World
Imagine having the chance to win once in a lifetime experiences through the purchase of a NFT
We came to revolutionize the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens, gathering the best of real experiences with creative collectibles.
We aim to be a social link and our mission is to fully transform the lives of ordinary people.
NFT Experience World
How it works
NFT Experience World

The success of the campaign will generate resources for the next campaign, benefiting other holders and generating donations for other communities

NFT Experience World

You buy an NFT Experience to join the Clan and compete for a surreal experience in the current month

NFT Experience World
NFT Experience World

10% of the money raised in each round of experience will be destined to social actions in the country of the winner of that month. And another 10% will be donated through the choices of the NFT Experience rulers

NFT Experience World

The other owners of the tokens that were not contemplated will participate in internal games that will generate gains in LordX Coins

NFT Experience World

Owners of governance NFTs will earn dividends from project profits, and will vote to choose communities that will benefit from the donations.

NFT Experience World

With Lord X coins, holders can accumulate to buy Governance NFTs

NFT Experience World
What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent pieces of media such as graphic arts, music, videos and even video game items. Through blockchain registry, the NFTs are permanently secured to their owner’s wallet.

NFT Experience World
How to buy?

Enter the world of Lord X and connect your wallet, purchase some BNB and finalize the registration. You need to finish all the steps to guarantee the opportunity to gain a memorable experience in this new non-fungible reality.

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There's a
chair waiting
for you


Your experience is sure
to be amazing.
But how much better
will be their experiences!

Part of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs will
go to needy communities in the country of the
winner of the month.

our team
Learn more about the X dome and delve a little
deeper into the NFTexperience universe.
Soon you'll know who they are

Month #1

April, 2022

- Episode #1
- Official global launch
- Launch of the Collection #1 of NFTs
- Collection #1 of NFTs up for sale
- Social/humanitarian action #1
- @LordX joins OpenSea and other marketplaces
- Announcement of the winner of Experience #1
- Experience #1

Month #2

May, 2022

- Episode #2

- Winter

Month #3

June, 2022

- Episode #3

- Winter

Month #4

July, 2022

- Episode #4

- Winter

Month #5

August, 2022

- Episode #5
- Lord X governance token launch at Pink Sale