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Imagine having the chance to win once in a lifetime experiences through the purchase of a NFT (non-fungible token). We came to revolutionize the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens, gathering the best of real experiences with creative collectibles. We aim to be a social link and our mission is to fully transform the lives of ordinary people. And to make our commitment crystal clear, we pledge to give off a big chunk of this project to humanitarian causes and philanthropic organizations.

NFTexperience was born from its founders desire to offer inimitable and unforgettable experiences to ordinary people. Our executive board is filled with successful people with great respect in their fields. For the time being, they have decided to remain anonymous so as not to steal the spotlight from our winners.They came together because they believe in the potential of ground-breaking technologies to transform the world and improve people’s lives. They have experienced it first-hand and want you to enjoy it as well. This is a historical moment. Are you ready?

If you want to participate, it’s very simple. Our NFT collection is already up for sale. Once you buy one of our pieces registered in the blockchain, you are automatically on the run to win an unique experience. Each month, there is a chance to win. In the meanwhile, you can keep up with the life of our adventurous and mysterious Lord X. To kick things off, one collector and member of our club will travel to Dubai in a luxurious experience paid off by us.

Once you buy one of our NFTs, you become a holder and will get a ticket for a chance to win one of our incredible experiences. Each month, a new draft will pick a different winner. Our experiences are created to amaze our club members.

As the year goes by, we will have many more NFT launches and drafts to give away amazing prizes. Imagine yourself finally becoming the main character in your story and having incredible experiences. Come live your non-fungible experience!

NFT Experience World
What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent pieces of media such as graphic arts, music, videos and even video game items. Through blockchain registry, the NFTs are permanently secured to their owner’s wallet.

NFT Experience World
How to buy?

Enter the world of Lord X and connect your wallet, purchase some BNB and finalize the registration. You need to finish all the steps to guarantee the opportunity to gain a memorable experience in this new non-fungible reality.

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Month #1

April, 2022

- Episode #1
- Official global launch
- Launch of the Collection #1 of NFTs
- Collection #1 of NFTs up for sale
- Social/humanitarian action #1
- @LordX joins OpenSea and other marketplaces
- Announcement of the winner of Experience #1
- Experience #1

Month #2

May, 2022

- Episode #2

- Winter

Month #3

June, 2022

- Episode #3

- Winter

Month #4

July, 2022

- Episode #4

- Winter

Month #5

August, 2022

- Episode #5
- Lord X governance token launch at Pink Sale