Terms of Use

The NFT EXPERIENCE WORLD is a collection of images that report experiences somewhere in the world, this NFT is made available through the Binance network.

On our website it is possible to exchange BNB for NFTs. The security of their wallets is not the responsibility of NFTExperienceworld, and users are fully responsible for managing and validating their accesses and generated contracts, remembering that it is not possible to undo the execution of Blockchain contracts.

NFTExperienceworld is not a wallet provider, broker or financial institution. To use our Service, you must use a third-party wallet that allows you to transact on blockchains.

On web3, your blockchain address serves as your identity on NFTExperienceworld. Thus, you will need a blockchain address and a third-party wallet to access the Service. Your account on the service will be associated with your blockchain address.

You have an NFT, you also have a unique number. NFTExperienceworld gives its owner a unique number to participate in sweepstakes within the specific period of their smart contract.

You assume responsibility for accessing and using the website. We make no warranties and hereby disclaim all implied warranties with respect to the website and any part thereof, including implied warranties of merchantability.

The fees charged when exchanging BNB for NFTs are not known to us and may change, these fees are called the Gas Fee, and are charged for each transaction on the Binance network.

You agree to hold NFTExperienceworld and its subsidiaries harmless from liability alleging breach of these.

If the winner of the draw is an NFT that does not have a registration on the site, the winner will be the one who has purchased the most NFTs. In the event of a tie in the number of NFTs, the tie will be broken in favor of whoever bought first.